Simple & Reliable WEB HOSTING @ Reasonable Price

 Advance Web Server Combination
 Superior Hardware Configuration
 Higher Performance Benchmark
 99.5% Up time Guaranteed
 Limited Support*

Ideal Solution

Introducing the most advance, price sensitive Shared Hosting Solution built on APACHE + NGINX + MYSQL 8 out performing combination on which we are relying heavily after thorough testing & results achieved.
Our new rather rare combination will solve "Performance" issues of many who are hosting their web content passionately with a limited budget and may benefit from our offering.
We are fully confident that others will follows us soon keeping "Price & Performance" as Benchmark.


  • Apache & NGINX both known as market leaders providing Free & Open Source Linux Web Server.
  • Often compared as Competitor to each other.
  • Apache for power, performs well handling dynamic contents
  • NGINX for speed works quite well as a reverse proxy
  • Apache + NGINX ideal combination becomes new normal Globally where NGINX runs as the proxy server on the front-end request handler with Apache being used as the back end.

Fully Managed SAHAJ Offering / Plan Details

( Pre-configured  Shared Hosting Plans as Hosting needs varies from person to person based on their content )

EXTREME POWER with DirectAdmin Web Panel :

  Centos 8 + NGINX + Apache with MySQL 8
 P a r t i c u l a r s Extreme-1 Extreme-2 Extreme-3
Intel Xeon E3v6 3.7 Ghz 
NVMe Storage Space  1 GB 2 GB 5 GB
Domains & Sub-Domains  1 + 0  1 + 1 5 + 5
MySQL Database & Email A/c. 1 2 5
I/O & EP  1 MB / 20   1 MB / 20   1 MB / 20 
Half year (6Months) Subscription 325/- 650/- 1,350/-
1 Year subscription Plan 525/- 1,050/- 2,150/- 
2 Year subscription Plan 875/- 1,750/- 3,550/-
3 Year subscription Plan 1,095/- 2,190/- 4,440/-
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Subscribing Extreme-1 Plan for 3 yrs effectively priced at Rs.1/-a Day.   |    Pay just Rs.1/- and avail full working DEMO account for a Week 


 Managed VPS available only on Demand 
  Intel Xeon 3.7 Ghz Processor, 2 GB Ram & NVMe 
 Starts from Rs.2,150/pm onward
 Largely Build with Free Webpanel & Open Sources
 Delivery 24-72 Hrs meeting Requirements

'PERFORMANCE' is the Straight forward answer.. which can be tested free through renowned platforms such as,, Google pagespeed etc. Probably.. similar offering by others never can match our First Byte Ranking because of higher resources.

Once your order is placed, within 5 - 30 min approx you will get a standard email message on your registered mail address having your hosting credentials.

We take full responsibility for smooth working of our platform but simply cant take any responsibility of your content which might needs an expert or developer to resolve your specific problem.

Shared Hosting is highly complicated Pre-configured setup, serves many websites at any given time therefore specific/additional request may not be accepted.

A. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee available to every subscriber with each plan (No Question asked).

B. Anytime Refund allowed on prorate basis ( Unused money will be returned deducting discounts given )

We strongly advice everyone to clear their doubts (if any) before placing your valued order. We may allow you to host your web content on our platform to compare the results on temporary basis

Our Web Server largely built-on Free & Open Sources with most UPDATED Linux & Supported Applications for better & Stable Performance